Printed mailing bags  

Do you want an easy and stylish packaging to ship your product with? We can help you find the correct e-commerce envelope for you! If you want to have the shipping envelopes printed this is possible from a simple logo in 1 color on 1 side to an all-over CMYK printing. Do you need the shipping bags quickly? No problem! Because of our extensive stock we can deliver shipping bags without printing on the same day within The Netherlands. Prefer to have your mailing bags printed with your logo or design? We can print and ship printed paper mailing bags within 24 hours. We offer custom made production if you are not in a hurry with receiving your mailing bags and if you want to receive the best possible pricing.  
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Easy to order our mailing bags.  

Via our website it is possible to order your mailing bags, both printed and unprinted, in a few clicks. Simply follow the steps of our ordering process and assembly together your own unprinted or printed shipping packaging: 

  1. First choose the type of mailing bag you want. All available paper and plastic shipping bags can be found on this page. By using the filter menu on the left side of the page you can quickly find the right product for you.
  2. Did you find the right mailing bag you are searching for? Click on the product and put together your mailing bag on the next page.
  3. After you selected the product if your choice simply follow the steps such as material colour, the desired size, whether or not the bags should be printed and the desired print run and delivery time. Do you want a printed webshop envelope? Then also choose the number of printing colors. And upload your logo if you have it available.
    Now you have followed and selected all the details of your mailing bag. By pressing the orange button you place your order in the shopping cart. From here you can also pay for your order.

Do you need advice before you are ready to order mailing bags?  

Before you buy the shipping bags, it is good to think about what you want to use the packaging for. Which material do you want to use? Does plastic perhaps suit your company better or do you prefer paper shipping bags? Also it is think carefully about your budget. You can always contact our sales team to receive advice. We are happy to help you make the right choice for shipping packaging.   

The following topics may be of interest to keep in mind when buying mailing bags. 
  • Delivery time. When do you need the shipping packaging? Do you have a FIX delivery date? Do the mailing bags have to be delivered within 48-72 hours? Or do you still have mailing envelopes in stock and a fast delivery is not needed? 
  • For what purpose will you use the mailing bags? A certain size and thickness of material will have to be chosen depending on what you will ship inside it. For example, a flat mailing bag is large enough to send clothing in, but it is better to order our shoe shipping bags with a bottom- and sidefold if you want to send bulkier items like shoe boxes. 
  • Determine you available budget for ordering mailing bags. By determining your budget we can give you targeted advice when buying your shipping bags. A plastic shipping bag is often cheaper than a paper shipping bag for example. 
  • Do you want mailing bags with or without printing? A mailing bag with a logo is more noticeable during transport. You will undoubtedly recognize a printed mailing bag that you often see people receiving. Feel free to contact us and receive a free quotation for your printed mailing bags. 
  • Are you looking for sustainable shipping packaging? Then take a look at the ecological alternatives that we have available. FF-PACKAGING offers you many ecological and sustainable shipping packaging, such as a recycled plastic shipping bag or a paper shipping bag made from recycled paper. All our paper and plastic mailing bags are 100% recyclable and can be disposed of with the old paper or household waste.        

5 reasons to print shipping bags. 

  1. Perfect to ship your online orders in.
    Having a mailing bag printed is perfect to send gifts, webshop orders, clothes and shoes in. Due to the light material, the mailing envelopes do not take up much space, which can be quite useful in a shop with limited storage space.
  2. User-friendly.
    Mailing bags are easy to use. By using the adhesive strips you close a shipping bag quickly. It is also possible to opt for a second adhesive strip that serves as a return strip. Handy if you want to give your customer the opportunity to return items in the same mailing bag.
  3. Extra brand awareness.
    By choosing custom printed mailing bags your logo or company name will be noticed more often by potential new customers. This will certainly increase brand awareness.
  4. Fast delivery possible.
    We can deliver your courier bags quickly. Even the same day if necessary within the Netherlands! We have a wide range of webshop packaging in stock and can therefore use a courier to deliver your order the same day. You can also go to one of our Pick-Up Points.
  5. Multifunctional.
    Whether you buy clothes online, receive a gift or other gift or simply want to return a package: our mailing bags are used for all kinds of articles in all conceivable industries. Because our mailing bags are water-repellent and strong, they are perfect to send your products in!