Personalised plastic shipping bags 


Printed plastic shipping bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for printed plastic shipping bags for your webshop that can be used as a carrier bag at the same time? Then choose our custom made plastic shipping bag. For your webshop we have various plastic shipping bags which can be put together according to your wishes. Think of the size, the colour of the material and the number of adhesive strips. Do you prefer ecological plastic shipping bags? Then recycled plastic shipping bags are a good option. View all versions and options of the plastic shipping bags for your webshop below.

5 advantages of plastic shipping bags 

  1. Plastic shipping bags are rain resistant. The flexible and waterproof material keeps your products dry; 
  2. Plastic shipping bags are made from cheap materials and takes up little space compared to shipping boxes; 
  3. Plastic shipping bags can be fully printed and customized according to the style of your webshop or company; 
  4. Plastic shipping bags are reusable, allowing a second adhesive / return strip perforation edge; 
  5. Plastic shipping bags are 100% recyclable or made from recycled plastic. 

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Use of plastic shipping bags  

Plastic shipping bags are mainly used for sending webshop orders. The shipping bags are always flat. The combination of the adhesive strip on the bottom and the handle on the top makes this a multifunctional webshop packaging, namely a plastic carrier bag and shipping bag in one. Is the shipping bag intended to fit through the letterbox? This is certainly possible. The plastic shipping bags can be ordered from 2,000 pieces. 



Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver plastic shipping bags within 4-12 weeks. The delivery time depends on the edition, printing and material. The plastic shipping bags are printed from a roll, making it possible to fully print the shipping bags. In addition, you can determine the size of the shipping bags yourself. From this production you can also have the plastic shipping bags made from recycled plastic. 


Single or double adhesive strip 

The flaps of the printed plastic shipping bags are provided with an adhesive strip. It is also possible to choose two adhesive strips so that the customer can use the same plastic shipping bag to return the product. This way, the customer does not have to look for a second packaging for returning and the same shipping bag is reused. By adding a perforation line between the adhesive strips, the plastic shipping bag can be easily opened and the shipping bag remains intact. 

Printing plastic shipping bags 

Plastic shipping bags can be printed in all Pantone® colours or in full colour. The colour scheme therefore fits well with your webshop or product. From a simple print in one colour on the front and back to a full print in full colour. Depending on the printing, the plastic shipping bags are printed by means of flexo or gravure printing. 


Material of plastic shipping bags 

For the printing of the plastic shipping bags, you can choose from different quality materials. For light products, a thickness of 50 to 60 mu is sufficient. If you are shipping heavier products, we recommend a thickness of 105 mu plastic. If you are looking for white or coloured plastic shipping bags, the inside can be produced in, for example, black plastic. As a result, the plastic shipping bags do not shine through. This is called COEX plastic. COEX material is double layer plastic film. By default, plastic shipping bags are produced from LDPE material, which has a glossy and soft feel. Do you prefer a matte look? Then choose MDPE or HDPE material. This material feels stiffer. 

Ecological plastic shipping bags 

Plastic shipping bags are 100% recyclable and therefore durable. If you have a web shop and you sell ecological products then our recycled plastic shipping bags are a nice addition. By printing plastic shipping bags with the recycled logo you show your consumer that you are environmentally conscious. Recycled plastic shipping bags can be made from post-consumer waste or industrial waste. 
  • Post-consumer waste plastic shipping bags
    With post-consumer waste, the plastic shipping bags are made from recycled plastic from household waste. The colour of the white recycled material looks greyish with speckles and the structure is grainy and uneven. 
  • Industrial waste plastic shipping bags
    With industrial waste, the plastic shipping bags are made from recycled plastic from plastic factory waste. This version of recycled plastic is very similar to virgin plastic and is not grainy or greyish. 

Order plastic shipping bags directly 

Do you need the plastic shipping bags fast or require only a small quantity? We offer plastic shipping bags from stock. These plastic shipping bags are available in various sizes and colours. Click here to order your plastic shipping bag directly. 

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