Personalised gift vouchers

Gift card boxes with logo

A gift card box is an ideal way to turn your gift card or gift voucher into a present. A luxury packaging for your gift card, which can be assembled in different ways. These boxes are provided with an inlay, so that your gift card lies securely and neatly in it. We can produce the gift card boxes in various ways. Consider for example, a box with a loose lid, a box with a closing ribbon or a simple folder. In addition to these boxes, you can also have your gift card produced by us, so that you have the complete package arranged. You can choose a paper card with handwritten text on it, or a gift card which is easy to scan at the checkout. See below a number of different designs and options for designing your own gift card box.  

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Giftcards with logo

Are you looking for gift cards or gift vouchers that you can use in a functional way? Or are you looking for a pass that can be used as a key card in your hotel or holiday park? Then choose our tailor-made gift cards. The cards are made in a standard bank card format, so that they can easily be placed in the wallet. We also supply specially tailored boxes and folders with an inlay that fits the gift card perfectly. 

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Gift vouchers with logo

Gift certificates can be printed in any desired design or finish. This is possible for both the plastic cards and the paper gift certificates. The plastic cards are printed by means of offset printing; these designs are always printed in full colour. This can be your logo or an image in multiple colours. The paper gift certificates can be printed in offset printing or screen printing. This can be done in a PANTONE® colour as well as in a full colour image. Moreover, the gift voucher can be provided with a hot stamp, which provides a luxurious look. 

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