Satin ribbon custom made


Printed satin ribbon custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a chic ribbon made of satin to wrap a gift or present? Then choose our custom-made printed satin ribbon. Satin ribbon is very fashionable to use as gift packaging. We produce your satin ribbon according to your wishes with your logo. You determine the width and length of the ribbon, the colour of the satin material and printing. View all the possibilities of our satin ribbon below. 

5 advantages of rolls of satin ribbon  

  1. Satin ribbon has a beautiful elegant shiny appearance; 
  2. We print satin ribbon from 5 rolls with your company name or logo; 
  3. Satin ribbon is available in various satin material colours; 
  4. Available in different widths and in ± 200 standard colours; 
  5. Satin ribbon can be delivered quickly. 

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Use of satin ribbon

Satin ribbon on a roll is ideal for wrapping your gift box. The ribbon is easy to unroll, then fold or to make a bow. This way your gift wrapping is completely finished. You can also use satin ribbon to, for example, decorate a bunch of flowers, to close the top of a luxury paper bag or just to put it around a gift box. Because your satin ribbon is printed, extra exposure is given to your branded packaging. 

Delivery time

With our own custom production, we print and deliver your printed satin ribbon from five rolls within 5-6 weeks. We can deliver satin ribbon to you from stock within 1-3 working days. 

Material of satin ribbon  

Satin ribbon is logically made from satin. We use double face satin material for your printed satin ribbon. This means that the satin is shiny on both sides of the ribbon. We have more than 200 different satin material colours available for your printed satin ribbon. In this way there is always the right satin colour for you. We supply satin ribbon on a roll as standard. If you would like to have satin ribbon on a roll packed in a dispenser box, please indicate this with your request. 

Printed satin ribbon  

We print satin ribbon entirely according to your wishes in one or more printing colours. We print full PANTONE® colours by means of silkscreen on the satin ribbon and we print metallic shiny colours by means of hot stamp printing on your satin ribbon. Because you can determine the colour of the satin material yourself, you can play around with the printing colours on the ribbon. For example, black satin ribbon with a golden hot stamp print on it is very chic! 

Order satin ribbon directly 

Do you need satin ribbon quickly or require only a small quantity? We have satin ribbon in stock in various colours and sizes. We can deliver these rolls of satin ribbon to you within 1-3 working days. Click here to order your satin ribbon rolls directly. 


Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of satin ribbon. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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