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Printed coffee pouches custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for coffee pouches or coffee bags for your shop, production or roasting house? Then choose our custom-made coffee pouches which can also be used as stand-up pouches. Coffee pouches can be put together and printed according to your wishes. Think of the dimensions, choice of materials and the option with or without valve. Do you prefer sustainable coffee bags? Then coffee pouches made of ecological paper (for example recycled paper or FSC® certified paper) are a good option. View all the options of the Coffee pouches below. 

5 advantages of custom coffee pouches 

  1. Coffee pouches are resistant to all external influences;
  2. Strong traditional packaging, the risk of tearing is almost zero; 
  3. Coffee pouches are easy to print; 
  4. Coffee pouches are excellent for packaging coffee beans / ground coffee; 
  5. Coffee pouches are produced from sustainable materials, such as recycled kraft paper. 

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Use of coffee pouches

Coffee Pouches are mainly used in coffee shops, roasters or for filling in production. Because the coffee bags consist of several layers of material, the coffee beans have a longer shelf life. The coffee pouches are provided with a grip closure and possibly an air valve. The one-way degassing valve ensures that the gases after roasting the ground coffee are released from the pouches after some time, while oxygen cannot enter the pouch. This way the taste is preserved! Some coffee pouches are used as stand up pouches for other food products and even textiles for packaging. 

Delivery time

With our own custom-made production we can deliver printed coffee pouches within 12-14 weeks with a MOQ of 15,000 pieces.

Material of coffee pouches 

Coffee pouches are made of multiple layers of foils for the barrier properties. Consider environmental factors such as the amount of oxygen, moisture, heat and light that can affect the quality of the coffee. Coffee Pouches are made of ecological paper (for example recycled paper or FSC® certified paper). In addition to the brown recycled kraft paper version, compostable coffee pouches are also available. This eco-friendly option is biodegradable. The material on the inside of the coffee bags is provided with PLA, which contains corn starch or sugar beet (CO2 neutral). The coffee pouches are equipped with a grip closure and one-way degassing valve. In addition to the standard version of bottom fold with two notches in the header. 

Printed coffee pouches 

Coffee pouches can be printed in PANTONE® colours as well as in full colour. Depending on the printing, the Coffee pouches are printed by means of gravure printing, screen printing or foil printing (hot stamp printing). By using a combination of different printing techniques, you can do justice to the luxurious look of these Coffee pouches. 

Printing Coffee pouches can be done in various ways for example, a complete printing on the outside of the coffee bags can be realized or a desired special effect can be created. Below is a list of the most commonly used techniques for printing Coffee pouches: 
  • PANTONE® colours and full colour are printed by means of intaglio printing. In this way, Coffee pouches can be printed in all colours including photo prints or pictures. 
  • By means of screen printing, an intense bright PANTONE® colour can be printed on the coffee pouches. Usually this is done on kraft material and it only concerns a printing of a logo or text. 

Order luxury coffee pouches directly 

Do you need the Coffee pouches or quickly or do you require only a small quantity? We have coffee pouches, made from recycled kraft paper, available in various sizes. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed coffee pouches to you within 24 hours. Printed coffee pouches from stock can be printed in our own printing facility. The front and back can be printed in PANTONE® colours and in full colour. Simply put together your own coffee pouch in the configurator and place your order immediately. Click here to order your coffee pouches directly. 


Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of coffee pouches. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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