Code of Conduct

FF-PACKAGING thinks it is important that it's products are manufactured in an honest and responsible way. In this code or conduct, we describe the guidelines and principles that we pursue and organize as an organization. In this way, we contribute to ethical standards in the countries where we are active.


1. Laws and regulations
FF-PACKAGING complies with all local laws and regulations in the relevant country.

2. Child labour

FF-PACKAGING does not accept child labour at the production sites. The locally applicable minimum age per country is respected.

3. Working conditions

Every employee works in a safe and healthy environment, aligned with local laws and regulations. Forced labour and intimidation are not tolerated. The employees are provided with food and drinks.

4. Discrimination

Discrimination based on gender, age, descent, religion and sexual orientation is not tolerated at the production sites.

5. Working hours
The employees work no longer than the maximum permitted number of hours per day/week in the relevant country. Overtime is paid. Every employee receives enough resting time per working day.

6. Salary
Salary is paid to employees at least once a month. Wages will never be lower than the minimum applicable wage in the country concerned.

7. Freedom of association
Employees are free to join an association or trade union without being affected by it in their work environment.

8. Environment
Both the purchase of raw materials and the production process correctly handle local environmental standards. Waste and residual material are disposed of and where possible recycled. We continuously strive to optimize these processes.