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Are you looking for luxury packaging? Then the drawer box, also known as the pull-out box, is perfect for you. The drawer box is a unique gift box that gives your customer a special experience when unpacking your product. We see the "unboxing experience" becoming increasingly important in the market. You can pack your product in the drawer which you can slide into the box at the front. The customer can take your product out of the drawer box by pulling the drawer out of the box. This is possible in many ways. For example, through a satin or cotton drawstring or a recess in the drawer. The drawer box is a great option in terms of packaging for many different products. See below a number of different designs and options for designing your own drawer box. Let yourself be inspired! 

5 advantages of luxury drawer boxes

  1. Luxury drawer boxes provide a unique unboxing experience; 
  2. Luxury drawer boxes can be made in any size and we can make it fit your product perfectly; 
  3. Luxury drawer boxes can be printed in any colour and can be finished in endless ways; 
  4. Luxury drawer boxes are suitable to give your product more experience, this is becoming increasingly important; 
  5. Luxury drawer boxes can be provided with an inlay, so that your product can be perfectly packed and protected here; 

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Use of luxury drawer boxes 

The possibilities for what to use the luxury drawer box are endless. We see that these boxes are used in many different areas. The box can be completely customized to your liking and can be perfectly matched to your product. The boxes can be used to package jewellery. You can provide the box with an inlay, where your jewellery can be inlaid. In addition to jewellery, you can also package your lipstick or make-up products in a luxurious drawer. A drawer box is also very suitable for a nice bottle of wine or champagne! The drawer box is often used to give the product you are selling an extra experience. The drawer box is a strong luxury box, often used for other purposes after receipt by the customer. The box is often too good to throw away. After unpacking your product, your product is often stored in it again or used to tidy up other products. 


Delivery time 

We have our own custom production for luxury gift boxes, also for the drawer box. We can deliver these luxury boxes within 10-12 weeks. Would you like a sample in advance? We can deliver this within three weeks, so you can approve the sample prior to production. We can produce the luxury drawer boxes from 500 pieces in any size, finish and printing. Do you rather need a luxury gift box? We have the largest range of luxury boxes in Europe in stock, in no less than nine different colours and materials! We can deliver these printed with your logo from 25 pieces and deliver them to you within 24 hours. Take a look at our extensive range below. 


Sustainable luxury drawer boxes 

All the cardboard we use for the luxury drawer boxes is made from recycled material. You can also choose to order the paper used to cover the box in recycled material. This makes the choice for a luxury box more sustainable. A luxury drawer box consists of 100% paper, making it 100% recyclable. Customers often find the luxury drawer box so beautiful that they reuse the box. For example, for storing jewellery, make-up or office supplies. 

As of September 1, 2021, we have taken a sustainable but also necessary step in the field of paper packaging. All newly produced paper bags and boxes that we import from outside the EU will be FSC® certified. With this step we work entirely in accordance with EUTR legislation. 

Material of luxury drawer boxes

The choice of material depends on the size of the box, but also on the product that will be packed in the drawer box. The grammage of the cardboard is adjusted accordingly, the heavier and larger the box, the higher the grammage. For example, 800 grams of cardboard will suffice for a jewellery box, but for a large box with, for example, a wine bottle ,400 grams of cardboard is more suitable. The cardboard is covered with paper on both the inside and outside. 

You can choose to use recycled paper or FSC certified® paper. In this way you can show that you are environmentally aware and that you burden the environment as little as possible. You can also cover the box with ZEROTREE® paper, this is paper that is 100% tree-free. The paper is then made of for example straw fibres which can be seen as well as felt. You can provide the paper with which the box is pasted with an embossing. For embossed paper, a special pattern is pressed into the paper with a roller, so that you can give a unique look to your luxury drawer box. Are you interested in this? Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the options with you. We can print the paper on the inside and outside of the drawer box with your design or in a special PANTONE® colour. 

In addition to the choice of printing or sustainable paper choices, we can also provide the boxes with a laminate. This can be done in a gloss or a matt laminate. This gives your box an extra luxurious look and protects against splashes of water. The box is then easily cleanable and damages less quickly. It is also possible to go for the luxury variant of laminate, the soft touch laminate. This finish gives a unique look to your product, but more importantly, a unique feel. The box feels velvety soft and luxurious. Curious about this finish? Please contact us so that we can send you a sample.   


Printing luxury drawer boxes

These luxury drawer boxes are usually printed by screen printing or offset printing. Screen printing is often used when a logo or design in one colour may be printed on one side on, for example, a dark background. In this way a full opaque colour is printed. If a colour can be printed over the entire box, or if you want to have a full colour image printed then offset printing is chosen. This is one of the most commonly used printing techniques. With the offset printing technique, the printing is super sharp, and we can print any image. This can be done on the inside as well as the outside of the luxury drawer box. 

Drawer boxes are a luxury packaging that is often finished with a luxury printing finish. Consider, for example, a hot stamp, this is a glossy coloured foil that can be applied to your logo. This can be done in many different colours, but we mainly see this in gold or silver. This ensures that your logo or design really stands out. This is also possible by means of a SPOT UV. This is a transparent glossy layer, which can be applied to your logo. This gives your logo a glossy look. In addition to hot stamp and SPOT UV, it is also possible to emboss or deboss your logo. This will print your logo inward or outward on the paper. For example, the relief will make your logo a bit higher than the box, which gives your drawer box a unique look and feel. You can also provide the box with "flocking", your logo will then be cut out in a velvet material which is glued to the box. This gives the drawer box a special look and feel. See various luxury print finishes below. 

Models of luxury drawer boxes

The luxury boxes can be produced in many different ways. You can provide the drawer of the box with a recess so that it can be easily removed from the box. Another option is to provide the drawer with a cotton or satin drawstring. You can easily pull the drawer forward by means of this ribbon to take the product out of the box. The box can also be provided with an extra paper sleeve. This can be printed in any PANTONE® colour or in a full colour image. The sleeve protects the drawer box against damage and provides an extra experience when unpacking the product. 

It is also possible to provide the top of the drawer box with a transparent viewing window. We often see this for lingerie, in this way you already get a small 'sneak peek' of your product. 

Inlays for the luxury drawer boxes 

The luxury drawer box is very suitable for a custom-made inlay. This can be made from paper, cardboard or foam. We will work with you to determine which product you want to package, and which type of inlay is best for this. The soft foam inlay is very suitable for glass bottles or fragile products because it protects your product against falling or bumps. The foam inlay can also be very suitable for jewellery. We can provide foam with different recesses, so that your jewellery stays firmly in its place. The foam inlay can be finished with a velvet layer on the top, this is a velvet top layer. The paper inlay is suitable for a lipstick or a small box. This keeps your product in place and can be printed in your PANTONE® colour to match the rest of the packaging. You can also choose to provide the box with a compartment division. This allows you to for example place a flyer on one side and your product on the other. The possibilities are endless, we are happy to advise you so that you can make the right choice. 

Order luxury boxes directly 

We are proud to say to have the largest range of luxury boxes in all of Europe! We can print luxury boxes with your logo or design and deliver them to you within 24 hours. Looking for a limited edition? No problem, we can print this from 25 pieces in our own screen printing facility. We have no fewer than nine different colours and materials in stock in six different sizes. In addition, we also have various ecological options in stock, such as our luxury magnetic boxes that are covered with straw paper for a unique eco look. 


Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of luxury drawer boxes. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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