Personalised printed plastic pouches


Printed plastic pouches custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for plastic pouches with a print on them to place your products or accessories in? Then choose our custom-made printed plastic pouches. Our printed plastic pouches can be used for all kinds of purposes and are ideal to act as protective pouches or as transport pouches. We can produce and design the printed plastic pouches entirely according to your wishes. Think of the type of plastic material, model, size, type of closure and printing. View all the options for printing plastic pouches below. 

5 advantages of printed plastic pouches 

  1. Printed plastic pouches are cheap and lightweight;
  2. Printed plastic pouches are ideal to function as a protective pouch or as a transport pouch;
  3. Printed plastic pouches are 100% recyclable;
  4. Printed plastic pouches can be made from recycled plastic and BIO-BASED plastic material;
  5. Printed plastic pouches can be ordered from 5,000 pieces. 

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Use of printed plastic pouches

Printed plastic pouches are used all over the world in different industries. Examples are the textile and clothing industry, the medical sector, do-it-yourself stores, the auto parts sector, hospitals, forensic investigations, the tourist sector and the food sector. We all recognize it from our daily life, a pair of boxer shorts in a plastic pouch, bolts and nuts in a plastic pouch, a medical sample in a plastic pouch, batteries in plastic pouches or a set of gift cards in a plastic pouch. Printed plastic pouches are often used as a protective cover or as a means of transport. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can produce your printed plastic pouches from 5,000 pieces in any desired size / model / finish / printing with a delivery time of approx. 8-12 weeks. We can also deliver unprinted plastic pouches quickly from stock. Click here to order your unprinted plastic pouches directly. 


Printing plastic pouches 

We print the custom-made plastic pouches in our factory. The advantage of this is that we can print your printed plastic pouches all over in one or more PANTONE® colours and in full colour. We print most plastic pouches by means of flexo printing or by means of roto print (also called sleeve print or cylinder print). Printed plastic pouches are ideal as an advertising medium for your product, brand, company name or advertisement. 

Models of printed plastic pouches 

We produce printed plastic pouches in any size / model. Are you looking for a block bottom model, a flat model or a plastic pouch with only a bottom fold? It is all possible. We can also provide the printed plastic pouch with a hanging loop.In terms of closure, there are many options for the printed plastic pouches. Most common closures are:

  • Flap with an adhesive strip;
  • Top provided with a grip closure;
  • Top provided with a slider closure;
  • Top provided with a drawstring. 


Material of printed plastic pouches 

We produce your printed plastic pouch in various plastic materials. The thickness of the material is between 30 and 200 microns of plastic. Below is a list of the most commonly used materials for printed plastic pouches:
  • Plastic pouches made of LDPE;
  • Plastic pouches made of MDPE;
  • Plastic pouches made of HDPE;
  • Plastic pouches made of PP;
  • Plastic pouches made of metallized plastic;
  • Plastic pouches made from recycled plastic;
  • Plastic pouches made from BIO-BASED plastic; 

Ecological printed plastic pouches

We produce sustainable printed plastic pouches that are ecologically sound. In addition to the fact that all our printed plastic pouches are 100% recyclable, we also offer the option to produce your printed plastic pouches based on recycled plastic material or based on BIO-BASED plastic material. Recycled plastic material uses at least 80% recycled plastic household waste. With BIO-BASED plastic material, the plastic material is produced entirely from cane sugar or corn starch. No petroleum is involved here. Both plastic pouches made from recycled plastic and made from BIO-BASED plastic are both 100% recyclable. 

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Do you need unprinted plastic pouches quickly or do you require a small quantity? We have various sizes / models of plastic pouches in stock and are immediately available within 24 hours. Click here to order your unprinted plastic pouches directly. 

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