Personalised cellophane wrap


Printed cellophane wrap custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for printed cellophane wrap with your own logo? We can provide this with your own logo from 4 rolls. Cellophane wrap is ideal for wrapping gifts or flowers. We can print the cellophane with your logo in repetitive print. We deliver this to you on neat rolls so that you can place it in a roll holder and easily use it. Are you curious about the possibilities of printing cellophane wrap with your logo? Take a look below. 

5 advantages of custom printed cellophane film

  1. We can deliver printed cellophane wrap to you within 5-6 weeks; 
  2. By using printed cellophane wrap, you can have your logo appear on the packaging; 
  3. We can deliver unprinted cellophane wrap to you within 1 to 2 working days; 
  4. Printed cellophane film is sturdy and protects your flowers or gift; 
  5. Printed cellophane film can be printed in any colour and supplied in any size.  

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Use of printed cellophane wrap 

The printed cellophane wrap is mainly used to wrap gifts or flowers. An ideal way to make your logo appear. You let your brand come back and you immediately have an elegant and functional packaging. We have various roll holders in stock for you which we can supply with the rolls. You can attach this to your counter, so that you can operate smoothly and pack quickly. In addition to cellophane wrap, we can also supply ribbons, stickers and gift certificates. In this way you are ready to offer your customer perfect service at the counter in one go. 


Delivery time 

We can deliver printed cellophane wrap to you within 5-6 weeks. Do you have less time? Then take a look at our webshop. Here we have unprinted cellophane wrap in stock for you. In addition, we also have different colours of paper kraft wrapping sheets in stock, which may be a great solution for you.  


Cellophane wrap execution 

The printed cellophane wrap is supplied on a roll. 350 meters of wrap go on a roll. You can determine how wide you want the roll, the most common width is 50 cm. This fits perfectly on a roll holder. If you have smaller gifts to wrap, we can also deliver the roll at 30 cm. Would you like a broader role? No problem, any format is possible! 

Printing on cellophane wrap

Cellophane wrap is printed with your logo by means of flexo printing. We make a stamp and print the transparent wrap on a roll. This roll is standard 100 centimetres and is then cut to the desired size. The most common format is 50 centimetres wide, so that it fits perfectly on a roll holder. We can print your logo on the cellophane wrap in any PANTONE® colour.


Cellophane wrap material  

The cellophane wrap is made of transparent plastic. We express the thickness in mu. The wrap has a thickness of 40 mu. which is more than sufficient for wrapping presents and flowers. In this way the wrap is strong enough, but it is still flexible. 

Ecological printed cellophane wrap

We can supply the cellophane film in recycled material. This is plastic that has already been used and recycled into a reusable material. Unfortunately, the wrap is not as transparent as the virgin material, but with this you can radiate that you are making a conscious choice. Prefer no plastic? Then take a look at our paper kraft wrapping sheets. We supply these sheets from 1,000 sheets in FSC® certified paper and are 100% recyclable. 

Order cellophane wrap directly 

We have transparent cellophane wrap in stock for you. We can deliver this to you within 1 to 2 working days. Take a look at our webshop and place your order directly for the fastest delivery time. 

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