Personalised Rollor packaging


Printed Rollor packaging custom made according to your wishes

The packaging is the first thing your customers see when receiving online orders. Unpacking the product in a unique way is therefore a great way to impress your customers.

Have your Rollor packaging printed with your logo or design and stand out from your competitors!

5 advantages of Rollor packaging

  1. Unique unboxing experience;
  2. Available in 3 versions and various sizes;
  3. Distinctive packaging compared to your competitors;
  4. Lower return rates;
  5. Innovative packaging solutions for e-commerce companies, whether for fashion, beverages, cosmetics or other goods.


Use of Rollor packaging

Each type of Rollor packaging has its own unique properties. What corresponds is that all types can be easily rolled up into strong shipping packaging. The Rollor Premium is used for crease-free shipping of garments such as dresses and tailored suits. The Light variant is made for fashion items, accessories or posters. The Rollor Protect is used for shipping bottles of wine and glassware.


Delivery time 

The delivery time for standard sizes is 6-8 weeks. If you want a different size, the delivery time is approximately 8-10 weeks. For both options, the minimum order is 2,500 pieces. If you prefer a smaller quantities or a faster delivery time, then order directly in our webshop. From 25 pieces we deliver Rollor packaging within 1-3 working days.


Sustainable Rollor packaging

Sustainability is one of Rollor's core values. That is why the Rollors are made of paper that is both recycled and FSC® certified. A plastic-free box made from one material that is fully recyclable or reusable after use. The patented packaging solutions not only catch the eye, but are also environmentally friendly.


Printing Rollor packaging

The Rollor Packaging is printed by means of flexo printing. The production of flexo plates is relatively expensive, but due to the high durability, these plates last for many productions. The entire box can be printed in PANTONE® colours as well as in full colour. Provide the inside with a Rollor packaging with a catchy message for a nice surprise effect. Our creative studio is happy to help you to print your design in the best possible way.

Rollor Light

If you want to ship fashion or any other item to your customers in a smart and lightweight way, the Rollor Light packaging line is the one for you. Assembly takes less than 20 seconds and the packaging is both environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.
Can be used for fashion, accessories or any item.

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • A small amount of packing material is required.
  • UPS and DHL certified

Rollor Protect 

With the plastic-free Rollor Protect, the need for bubble wrap or filling empty spaces is over. This packaging is the perfect solution for fragile items. It has been ISTA 3A drop tested. Your products will therefore arrive safely at your customers.
The packaging has been developed for a variety of fragile products of different sizes and shapes.

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Guaranteed less breakage (ISTA 3A tested)

Rollor Premium

The Rollor Premium is the most protective packaging solution that prevents creasing of clothing during transport. For every fashion item placed under the edges, the patent technology ensures that it arrives at your customer's home in the best possible condition.

  • For delicate high-end fashion that must be delivered ready-made
  • 50% less returns and 60% less volume
  • UPS and DHL certified


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