Personalised felt protection covers


Printed felt protection covers custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for covers to protect various products? Then choose the custom felt protection covers. Felt covers are made of strong and soft material which will protect your product well for various purposes. These covers can be completely customized and finished with, for example, a flap closure or Velcro closure. It is also possible to print the felt material in various PANTONE® colours. View the designs and options for printing felt protection covers below. 

5 advantages of felt protection covers

  1. Felt protection covers can be produced in an infinite number of designs; 
  2. Felt covers are durable because the cover will last a long time; 
  3. Felt protection covers are very popular because of their look & feel in combination with strong carrying capacity; 
  4. We can customize protection covers to suit your product; 
  5. Felt sleeves are a good advertising medium because they are often reused. 


Use of felt protection covers

The felt covers can be produced in all kinds of styles for various purposes. Think of a protection cover for your camera or mobile phone. Your product is optimally protected by the strong material. Also ideal for students who bring a laptop or iPad on the train. This lightweight material is easy to carry and will provide adequate protection during transport. By finishing the cover with, for example, an elastic around the cover, no rain can get to the laptop or tablet. 


Delivery time 

We have our own production of felt protection covers where we can deliver these covers to you completely customized and printed within 10-12 weeks. The minimum edition for this is 500 pieces. Do you have less time? We have the option to have (part of the order) flown in for you, please take into account a delivery time of 5-6 weeks. 


Ecological felt protection covers

The felt covers are made from 220 grams felt. Felt is a strong material that lasts. By choosing felt laptop sleeves, you choose a durable cover that will last a long time. Felt material is made from recycled synthetic fibres. Consider, for example, recycled PET bottles. This material is converted into fibres and this together forms a felt cover. In this way you can show that you are socially involved. 

Printing felt protection covers

We can supply felt protection covers in several colours of material. You can choose the colour of the material yourself, so that it will perfectly match your logo or product. You can also have your own logo or design printed on the cover. The felt sleeves can be printed in any PANTONE® colour. This is done by means of a screen-printing technique. This is a printing technique that ensures full printing colours. You can also go for a more unique and luxurious option, which is to embroider your design on, for example, the flap of the cover. This is also possible in any PANTONE® colour. What we see a lot is that Ton sur Ton is chosen, this gives the cover a chic look. The minimum order for felt protection covers is 500 pieces. 


Material of felt protection covers

The felt covers are often made of 220 grams felt. This is strong enough to protect, for example, a laptop, but at the same time the cover is still flexible and soft. You can choose to give the cover a more luxurious look by, for example, choosing 400 grams of felt. Felt material is made from recycled polypropylene, these are fibres that have been brought together. Together these fibres form a strong felt material. There is a choice of various standard material colours. The most chosen colours are black, light grey or dark grey. Are you looking for a special colour? Please contact us so that we can discuss the options together. 

Finishing of felt protection covers

Felt protection covers can be produced in an infinite number of designs. For example, we make custom felt protection covers for a laptop or tablet. For the flap closure can be chosen for a Velcro closure, press stud, but also, for example, an elastic band around the cover. These covers are often made flat, but also a small sleeve for, for example, a mobile phone where the top remains open is also possible. If you are looking for a sturdy protection cover for a camera, it is very practical to choose a cover with a zipper. For extra carrying capacity, the cover can be provided with a lining on the inside. A cover that can be carried easily is provided with a handle of webbing or felt. An extra pocket on the inside for a pen or telephone is also possible. As you have already read, the possibilities are endless. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of felt protection covers. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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