Personalised shirt bags

Tissue bags with logo

Are you looking for a paper outer packaging for your garments as an alternative to the plastic polybags? Then choose our custom-made tissue bags. We produce your paper tissue bags custom made, ideal for packaging for t-shirts and shirts. Our tissue bags are made from FSC® certified paper and are 100% recyclable. We can print customized tissue bags according to your wishes. View all the possibilities of the tissue bags below. 

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Non-woven spider bags with logo

Are you looking for an original way to pack your garments before the garments are placed in a carrier bag or shipping box? Then choose our custom produced non-woven spider bags. Ideal as protective packaging or as gift packaging! We produce the non-woven spider bags custom-made and entirely according to your own wishes. For example, you can determine the size and printing yourself. View all the options of the non-woven spider bags below. 

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