Personalised belt pouches


Printed belt pouches custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a pouch for a belt or small accessories? Then choose our belt pouches. Belt pouches are available in different materials and are perfect to use to pack, protect and store belts. belt pouches are also ideal advertising media. By printing your logo on these bags, your store or brand will be brought to attention time and time again. The belt pouch can be closed by means of a belt. 

5 advantages of belt pouches 

  1. Belt pouches are available in different materials; 
  2. Belt pouches can be combined in different materials and / or colours for a playful effect; 
  3. Belt pouches are closed by means of a belt; 
  4. Belt pouches are durable and reusable; 
  5. Belt pouches are inexpensive bags and can be used for different purposes. 

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Use of belt pouches  

Belt pouches are used in the retail trade for packaging belts or small accessories. Thanks to the belt, the bag can be closed to form a beautiful gift sack. The belt can be supplied in any desired colour. Do you want to be able to close the bags in a different way? Feel free to ask us about the possibilities. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver belt pouches from 500 pieces within 10-16 weeks. The delivery time depends on the print run, printing and the chosen material. Do you need your belt pouches faster? We can have some of them flown in for you. This way we shorter the delivery time to ± 5-6 weeks. 


Model of belt pouches 

Belt pouches can be made in any size. The belt pouches are closed at the top by means of a belt or strap made of PP, satin or cotton. The top and bottom of the bag can be made from 2 parts. For a playful effect it is nice to use 2 different materials or colours. For example, choose from cotton in combination with cork. This gives the bag a unique look.  

Printed belt pouches 

Belt pouches can be made in any PANTONE® colour by means of silkscreen print. A simple imprint such as a logo or brand name is best on these pouches. Depending on the material, it is also possible to have your logo embroidered on the pouch in one or more colours. Flat belt can also be printed with a logo or text. It is also possible to provide the pouches with a sewn-in label with your own print. 


Material of belt pouches

Belt pouches can be produced in various materials. Choose the material that best suits your business. You can choose from cotton, satin or non-woven material. 
  • Cotton 
    Cotton is a sturdy and ecological material that can be used again and again. Cotton pouches are basically made of natural cotton. We can also supply these pouhces with a GOTS® and / or Fairtrade® certificate. We then provide the belt pouches with a label with the relevant quality mark. In this way you show that you are corporate social responsibility. Would you like more information about these certificates? Then view this page with detailed information about our certifications. Would you prefer to have the bags produced in a different colour? Then we can have the bags coloured with a colour of your choice. Ask us about the possibilities. 
  • Non-woven
    Non-woven belt pouches can be ordered in different qualities and colours. You can choose from ± 25 standard colours. Due to the reusable material, the bag is durable in use. 
  • Satin
    Satin is a shiny and soft-touch fabric. The satin bags we supply are black in colour. Would you prefer a different colour? Ask us about the possibilities. Satin bags are strong and therefore durable in use. 

Order belt pouches directly  

Do you need the belt pouches fast or require a small quantity? We offer various suitable bags directly from stock. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed belt pouches to you from 24 hours. Click here to order belt pouches directly from stock. 


Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of belt pouches. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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