Printing cooler bags  

Easily and quickly print your cooler bags? If you choose printed cooler bags, you choose a smart and effective way to promote your company or organization. By printing your logo, brand name or message on a cooler bag, you create a mobile billboard that goes everywhere. Cooler bags are not only useful for keeping food and drinks cool, but also for showing off your brand. We can deliver printed and unprinted keep-it-cool bags from stock within 24 hours.
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Order via the website  

You can order your cooling bags easily and quickly via our website. You go through the ordering process easily in just 4 steps. Through this ordering process you can put together a cool bag with or without printing:  

  1. First of all choose the desired cooling bag. All available cooler bags can be seen on this page. On the left you can easily make a choice.
  2. Found the right cooler bag? Then click on the product and on the next page you can put together your product.
  3. Go through the steps and select your wishes in terms of material colour, format, printing, quantity and the desired delivery time. Do you opt for a cool bag with printing? Then also make your choice in how many colors your logo/artwork should be printed on the cool bags. And possibly upload your logo.
  4. Have you gone through and completed everything? Then click on the large orange button with ADD TO BASKET. You can proceed to checkout in the shopping cart. 

Advice on printing cooler bags 

Cooling bags can be used as gifts at events, fairs and gatherings. Handing out a cool bag with your company logo on it is not only a useful gift, but also an effective way to promote your brand and increase your brand awareness. It is therefore good to think in advance for what purpose you want to use these cooler bags. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation advice.  

If you want to buy cooler bags, there are some important points to consider: 

  • Size: The size of the cooler bag is an important point. If you plan to provide food and drink for a large group of people, you will need a larger cooler bag. If you only use the cooler bag for yourself, a smaller cooler bag is sufficient.
  • Durability: Cooler bags are often used for outdoor events and activities and therefore need to be durable and able to take a beating.
  • Insulation: The insulation of the cooler bag is important to ensure that your food and drinks stay warm for longer. What do you want to use the bag for?
  • Delivery time. When do you need the cooling bags? Do you have a FIX delivery date? Do the bags have to be printed and delivered within 24 hours? Or do you still have a cooler bag in stock, so that fast delivery is not necessary?
  • Budget: Finally, price is an important point to consider when buying a cooling bag. By determining your budget, we can give you targeted advice when buying your cool bags. A higher circulation normally means a lower unit price.  

5 reasons to print cooler bags  

  1. Cheap
    Are you looking for cheap packaging to keep your products at the right temperature? Then our plastic cool bags are the perfect solution. Because we buy in bulk, you benefit from a low price.
  2. Suitable for hot and cold products
    Whether you sell products with a warm temperature, such as a hot meal, or products that need to be kept cool for a longer period of time, such as soft drinks, meat products or other products, the non-woven cooler bag keeps the products at the right temperature for a longer period of time.
  3. Personalization
    Cooler bags can be customized with your own design, brand name or logo, making them an effective marketing tool. You can use the cooler bag as promotional gifts or promotional items to promote your brand and increase your brand awareness.
  4. Cooler bags delivered quickly within 24 hours
    We can deliver your cooler bags quickly. How fast? Same day if needed! Because we keep large quantities in stock, we can use a courier to deliver your printed or unprinted cooler bags the same day. You can also go to one of our Pick-Up Points.
  5. Versatility
    These bags are available in different sizes and styles and can be used for different purposes. Whether you need a small lunch bag or a large cooler bag for a group, there is always a cooler bag to meet your needs.