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Coffee cups with print

Are you looking for printing cheap coffee cups for a trade fair or event, for example? Then choose coffee cups with print. FF-PACKAGING can print printed cardboard cups cheaply from 500 pieces and deliver them to you within a short period of time. Personalized cups increase brand awareness and give your brand a big boost. View all options of the printed coffee cups below.

5 advantages of personalized coffee cups

  1. Printed cups provide more brand awareness because they stand out during a trade fair or event, your name or logo will be circulated throughout the day;
  2. Small runs possible, we print these from 500 pieces;
  3. Suitable for different types of drinks, hot and cold;
  4. Very fast delivery time possible within approximately 3-4 weeks;
  5. Environmentally friendly options, such as plastic-free cardboard coffee cups.

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Use of personalized coffee cups 

Printed coffee cups are often used as a marketing product at fairs, events, exhibitions or parties. The material is suitable for all kinds of drinks, such as coffee, tea, smoothies, lemonade or other drinks. At parties, the cups are also popular for serving a treat such as chips or chocolate.


Delivery time 

The delivery time for printing a coffee cup is approximately 3-4 weeks after approval of the PDF proof prepared by us. The minimum order is 500 pieces.

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Ecological coffee cups 

If you are looking for an ecological alternative, the plastic-free paper cups are a good alternative. These are available in 2 thicknesses and 4 sizes.


Printed plastic-free cardboard coffee cups

The plastic-free cups have no PE coating on the inside, making them fully recyclable and no form of plastic has been added. These cups are digitally printed, allowing a simple logo to a full-color print. There is no smell or taste to the printing.

Available in the following 2 thicknesses:

  • Single hull
  • Double-walled

Available in the following sizes:

  • 100 ml (4 oz)
  • 200 ml (8 oz)
  • 350 ml (12 oz)
  • 450 ml (16 oz)

Printed coffee cups with PE coating

Coffee cups with a PE coating have a small layer of plastic on the inside. The advantage of this is that less cardboard is needed to produce the cup. The disadvantage is that the cup is not completely biodegradable.

Available in the following 2 thicknesses:

  • Single hull
  • Double-walled
Available in the following sizes:

  • 100 ml (4 oz)
  • 180 ml (7 oz)
  • 200 ml (8 oz)
  • 350 ml (12 oz)
  • 450 ml (16 oz)
Coffee cup Johannes PE
Coffee cups 3 varianten

Which size is most suitable for me?

  • The 100 ml version is perfect for an espresso.
  • The 180 ml variant is mainly used for coffee machines.
  • The 200 ml version is the most popular cup and is suitable for different sizes of coffee.
  • The 350 ml variant is popular in the catering industry and fits both a small and large coffee.
  • The 450 ml variant is for large consumption, also nice to serve delicacies or larger drinks.
Please note: the white variant can be printed in full colour. The brown variant can be printed in 1 colour.
Brown cups are only possible with a PE coating.
Important! When ordering a cardboard cup with a plastic coating, we are obliged to print the SUPD Label with the design.

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you will find some examples of coffee cups. Have you seen something beautiful that fits your wishes?

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