Concept Palace het Loo

After a renovation of more than 4 years, it was April 15, 2022, Palace Het Loo has reopened its doors. The interiors have been restored and the rooms redecorated. 

For this reopening, Palace Het Loo was looking for a new packaging line that matched their new house style. We are proud to announce that Palace Het Loo has decided to order the new collection of packaging materials from us. The result we delivered is a beautiful concept that is completely in touch with the new corporate identity of Palace Het Loo. 

Luxury paper bags 

The luxury paper bags come in 2 different sizes have 2 knotted cotton cords. The design is printed in CMYK which produces a beautiful result. 

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Canvas bags 

The canvas bags are delivered in 4 different material colors, completely in the colors from the style of Palace Het Loo. These strong bags are certainly reused more often and can therefore certainly be called sustainable. The canvas material is an ecological and natural product. 

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Twisted paper bags

The paper bags with twisted cord come in 2 different sizes. The material is made of FSC® certified kraft paper, which is also fully recyclable. The bottom cardboard gives extra load-bearing capacity. 

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Paper pouches

The paper pouches are made from FSC Mix Credit certified kraft paper. We have delivered the pouches in 2 different sizes. perfect to use in the store to wrap a postcard or other gift. 

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Gross grain ribbons

Gross grain ribbons in different color ribbons. Each roll contains approximately 100 meters of ribbon. Nice to tie as a bow around a gift.

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Silk paper

Extra strong silk paper has been chosen in 2 different sizes and 2 different colours. The paper is fully recyclable. Nice to wrap a gift in. 

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The paper hangtags are produced with a knotted cord so that it can easily be attached to, for example, a bag or other product. The material is made of FSC® certified kraft paper, which is also fully recyclable. 

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Printed labels

Round labels with different designs. Nice to put on a gift or other product. The customer himself said to us that the labels are useful for so many different purposes, from sealing a bread bag, sealing a sheet of tissue paper, as a seal on an envelope and you name it. 

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Cotton bags

The cotton bags from Paleis Het Loo are fully printed with a photo print. The printing fits nicely within the branding of Palace Het Loo, and the long loops are comfortable to carry in hand or over the shoulder. These reusable cotton bags will be offered as a retail item in the souvenir shop. A bag you'll be proud to be seen with!

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Luxury tissue napkins

In Grand Café Prins Hendrik Garage and the ballroom you can enjoy an extensive range of coffee and tea or a delicious lunch or drink. In addition to the cutlery pouches with napkin, Paleis het Loo has opted for 3-ply paper tissue napkins including a logo. This material is extra thick and therefore has a luxurious look that fits perfectly with the restaurant. They have opted for a format that is folded to 1/8.

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Cutlery pouch with napkin

Café colonnades is located at the back of the garden of Het Loo Palace. The terrace below is a beautiful place with a view where you can enjoy coffee, tea, soft drinks and small snacks. For this restaurant we supplied cutlery bags in two different color combinations. One version is red with green print, with a blue colored napkin. The other version is brown and blue printed with a white napkin. This combination is very colorful and fits perfectly with the corporate identity of Paleis het Loo.

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