Concept Restaurant Johannes Kok

Restaurant Johannes Kok is located on the bustling waterfront of Harderwijk. The restaurant is busy all year round for lunch and dinner. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a large terrace and a fish shop, which are frequently visited in summer. FF-PACKAGING supplies various food packaging and gift packaging that can be used 7 days a week for the restaurant, the terrace and the fish shop. Not just any packaging, but a sustainable packaging line especially for restaurants and bars.

Wine cooler bag / PVC cooler bag

The wine cooler bags from Johannes Kok are made of sturdy transparent PVC. That is why these wine cooler bags are also called PVC cooler bags. Ideal to use during hot summer days and warm summer evenings. Filled with ice cubes and a bottle of wine, the PVC cooler bag is the perfect solution to keep a bottle of wine cold. In addition, convenient to use for staff because of the strong handles. And not unimportant, the wine cooler bags are waterproof so that the tables stay dry.

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Napkins and cutlery pouches

FF-PACKAGING supplies various types of napkins and cutlery pouches to Restaurant Johannes Kok. The luxurious airlaid napkins are used for dinner in the restaurant. The handy cutlery pouches including napkin are used for lunch and on the terrace. Ideal for use during busy shifts. We also supply napkins printed with the Johannes Kok logo.

All napkins and cutlery pouches are made from sustainable materials such as FSC® certified paper or recycled paper.

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Paper take away bags

Johannes Kok uses printed paper take away bags (paper snack bags) for the fishshop. Every day many guests pick up their favorite fish snack or fish delicacies from the waterfront. The paper take away bags are ideal for pack food packaging and using it for take away purposes. In addition, our printed brown kraft paper snack bags are made from sustainable recycled materials. Printed with the Johannes Kok logo on the large sides of the bag, this take away bag is a real eye-catcher in the streets.

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Sandwich pouches

The luxurious fish rolls and sandwiches from Johannes Kok are packed in sustainable paper sandwich pouches printed with the logo.

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Greaseproof paper

Thousands of pounds of eel are sold every year at Restaurant Johannes Kok. A real delicacy for the fish lover and the Harderwijk specialty of Johannes. FF-PACKAGING produces special greaseproof paper for these pounds of eel. The inside of the greaseproof paper has a foil to keep the eel fresh. The outside of the greaseproof paper is printed with a Harderwijk newspaper design, including an article about the Johannes Kok eel smokehouse in the past. Thus, the greaseproof paper also has a function as gift paper.

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Pound bags

Both fried fish and the fish sandwiches are packaged in paper snack bags known as pound bags. These printed pound bags are also made and printed from sustainably recycled greaseproof paper. This keeps your fish crispy or fresh during transport.

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Twisted paper eel bags

We have developed sustainable paper eel bags especially for the pounds of eel. One or two pounds of eel can easily fit in the bag. Ideal for transporting the packed eel and also a real eye-catcher. The paper eel bags are made from recycled FSC® paper. These printed Johannes Kok eel bags can also be used as wine bottle bags (for one bottle of wine), because the bags have an extra bottom cardboard.

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Luxury magnetic box

Restaurant Johannes Kok is also the right place for business gifts or private gifts. How nice is it to give a pound of eel in combination with a bottle of wine as a gift in a luxurious magnetic box. These luxury magnetic boxes are printed with the Johannes Kok logo and equipped with 3 see-through windows. A festive culinary package!

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FF-PACKAGING produces food buckets that can be used for various ingredients, including fried fish. Restaurant Johannes uses the food buckets to put in large portions of kibbeling. The food buckets are made of FSC® certified paper and can be closed with a lid. Ideal for taking large orders of fried fish to your boat, home or to the beach.

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