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The packaging concept of The Athlete's Foot is all about sustainability. Dare to Change is the motto. The path taken by The Athlete's Foot revolves around transparency, openness and dedication and taking steps together towards a sustainable world.

Sustainability is not only reflected in the packaging material, it is also propagated in the range of brands, sneakers and other products. All this in a stylish and responsible way.

View the packaging concept below and be inspired by the sustainable packaging of The Athlete's Foot.

Shipping boxes

The sturdy autolock shipping boxes from The Athlete's Foot are made from recycled brown corrugated cardboard. The shipping box is set up in no time at all and immediately ready for filling.

The top of the box has a flap with closure. This makes the box reusable for a return shipment, for example. The shipping box can easily fit several items of clothing or a shoe box. The shipping box is printed with the recognizable logo in red and white.

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Shipping envelopes

The plastic shipping bags from The Athlete's Foot are 100% recyclable and made from COEX. Due to the black interior, the bag does not shine through. The flap has 2 adhesive strips, namely a shipping strip and a return strip. This makes the bag reusable. The mailing bag can easily fit 2 to 3 items of clothing. Plastic shipping bags are waterproof and can take a beating. The design matches the other packaging, so that it exudes uniformity.

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Nylon rucksacks are the perfect advertising tool to sell as a separate item or to give away in a promotional manner. These rucksacks are very strong and can be used hundreds of times. Your company name is therefore visible just as often. Due to the strong quality, customers often take this bag with them to training sessions, competitions, sporting events or use it frequently for gym or swimming lessons.

The Athlete's Foot backpack has 2 drawstrings at the top. Due to the length of the cords, the bag can be worn on the back. The bag also has a handy lockable storage pocket on the outside for keys or a mobile phone, for example. The bag has a striking logo in white and red on one side.

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TAF rusgtas
TAF vloeipapier

Silk paper

The printed silk paper sheets from The Athlete's Foot are printed ton-sur-ton. This means that the design is printed in the same color as the color of the material. This makes the logos subtly visible. Silk paper can be used for a variety of purposes. Think, for example, of a protective sheet between sneakers in shoe boxes or as protection between items of clothing. It can also be used as filling material in shipping boxes or in shoes. With tissue paper you present a purchase in a neat manner and it shows that the purchase / shipment has been handled with care.

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Paper bags

The paper bags from The Athlete's Foot are made from brown recycled kraft paper. The handles are also made of brown paper. Because the handles are twisted, sturdy cords are created that have a great carrying capacity. The top of the bag is finished with a serrated edge that prevents annoying paper cuts on the hands. We have opted for 2 different sizes of bags so that the purchase always fits perfectly in the bag. Both bags are printed with the recognizable design of The Athlete's Foot. On the bottom of the bags is an informative text about sustainability. This conveys the sustainable character of The Athlete's Foot.

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TAF papieren tassen
TAF tape


The printed tape of Athlete's Foot is made of brown kraft paper. Paper tape is more durable than the standard PVC tape that is still used by many entrepreneurs.

The ecological paper tape is repetitively printed with the logo and motto: Dare to change. Printed tape is mainly used as a sealing seal for shipping boxes. An extra security so that the recipient sees that the order has been delivered in full. The minimum purchase starts from 36 rolls.

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